Our team is hard at work developing new levels and challenges for you to enjoy, and they’ll be here soon!
There's plenty to do. Here are 4 ideas:

1. Play Camp!
You probably knew this one already. Just don't forget to build up your Camp! : )

2. Search for Secret Levels!
Whaaaat? Secret levels?! Yes, there are secret levels hidden around the World Map. Find them by tapping around on suspicious-looking objects... or even on not-so-suspicious-looking objects.

But don't try looking beyond the furthest level you've unlocked. The secret levels don't show up until you've reached their spot on the map.

3. Replay Levels for Extra Rewards!
Did you know that each level has a progress meter that you can fill with each win, leading to more rewards?

Check out the progress in the level info dialog:

Specifically, this part:

If you tap it, it will give you a bit more info:

4. See how quickly you can beat certain levels!

The level info shows you your fasted time for each level. Some players have had a lot of fun beating levels as quickly as possible, and posting their fastest times on Twitter or Facebook, or comparing with friends.