Cloud save allows you to synchronize your save across multiple devices, and allows you to back up your progress if you need to temporarily remove Merge Dragons! from your device.

Currently, it requires a Facebook account, which we use for authentication. It is how we can pair you to your save file. (We do not post on your timeline.)

Access the Cloud Save menu here:

Once inside the menu, setting up Cloud Save is self explanatory.

Cloud save may be in any of these states:

  1. Not Connected: (this is the default state when you install Merge Dragons!)
  2. Connected and Saved:
  3. Save Uploading:
    (It's best to leave your device on while the save is uploading. Otherwise, it will continue when you return to the game. However, saves should only take a few seconds to upload.)
  4. Something went Wrong:
    If you see this, it means that there was a connection error, or some other type of problem that prevented the save from uploading. Don't worry -- your save is still there on your device, it just hasn't been updated on the cloud.

Tips on Cloud Save
  • If you log in from a new device, you can enable Cloud Save, and it should tell you that it found your old save, and will ask if you want to use it to replace your current game.
  • Your game will try to save and send data to the cloud every time you enter or exit a level, or if you suspend your game.
  • It can take a few seconds to upload your save. There's a chance that when you close the game, it didn't have a chance to upload your most recent progress. If this happens, it will resume uploading next time you enter the game.
  • The Cloud Save panel will show you information about the save it has in the cloud, in particular, how many Stars and how much Dragon Power you had in the save.