In the Treasure Tower feature, you’ll climb a tower floor-by-floor, revealing one of four mystery rewards on each floor as they go.

If you manage to make it all the way to the top floor, a high value reward will be yours to claim. You also get to rescue and claim the dragons on the top floor!

-Rewards that you’ll reveal, are going to be added to a running total of loot. However, one of the four possible rewards is a Zomblin!

-If you reveal a Zomblin no matter which level you are, unfortunately, you’ll lose everything that you’ve earned up to that point.

There will be options to keep them of course ;)

-You’ll be able to stop at any time, choosing to safely claim your rewards. But do remember that you must start back on the 1st floor the next time you enter the feature.

-There will be Treasure Rooms every 5 levels where there will be no zomblins. There will be also a super Treasure Room at level 25. These Treasure and Super Treasure rooms contain premium rewards.

-You’ll be able to play for free once per day. You'll also be able to play for free by collecting Tokens from playing Treasure Tower.

-There will be new theme, rewards and the dragons every 3 days. Check back in frequently to find out more!

If you need more details, you’ll be able to access a ‘?’ button on the top left of the screen: