What is Dragon Power?
Each dragon you have has a Dragon Power, and higher level dragons have higher Dragon Power. Your total Dragon Power is the total of all the Dragon Power from all your dragons added up.

You can see a Dragon's Power by selecting a dragon, and looking by the claw icon here:

This dragon has a Dragon Power of 1:

What is Dragon Power used for?
Dragon Power is how you clear the Evil Fog in camp to get more land!

Each section of Evil Fog has a certain amount of Dragon Power you need before you can clear it. This shows you how much you have versus how much you need. In this example, you have 1 Dragon Power and need a total of 15 Dragon Power to clear this fog:

How do I get more?
  • Merge dragons into higher level dragons. That will always be a net gain!
  • Play levels, and in the rewards, choose eggs and dragons to bring back to camp so you can hatch more new dragons, and merge ones you have!
  • Open locked chests to find eggs and nests: