The Merge Dragons community is a group of wonderful, helpful, and friendly players! But sometimes, someone is having a bad day or takes out their negative feelings in the wrong way, on other players. If someone says something inappropriate in chat, or has an inappropriate name, you can tap on them to bring up their "Member Details" window. Then tap on the drop-down menu button toward the right side, and use the "Report" option.

Provide as much detail as you can about the incident. Each report is manually reviewed by our staff, so it may take a while for us to take action on the player. Regardless, we thank you for working to keep Merge Dragons a clean, safe environment for all players!

Because we need to manually review each report, we kindly ask you to only submit reports of offensive behavior and text, and for other concers, please contact support directly.

Examples of when NOT to report another player:
- The player has been inactive in the Den for too long
- The player has the same name or profile pic as me
- I don't want the player in my Den, but I can't kick the player because I'm not the leader
- The player corrected me when I said something inaccurate